WRUV 90.1fm Burlington, VT

Moccasin Tracks
with Deb Reger
Indigenous/Native American Music + Talk + Interviews

June 16, Tuesday Noon-3PM Moccasin Tracks broadcasting on WRUV Burlington at 90.1FM and online at wruv.org featuring Cultural Practitioner, Kamahana Kealoha joining us at 1PM for an update on Mauna Kea, a sacred site in Hawaii where protectors are challenging the continued construction. He says,”Humbly, the Sacred Mauna Kea Hui maintains that an endangered species protected environment, should never be industrialized so blatantly a stone’s throw away from Hawaii Island’s main water aquifer which is also home to countless sacred, unidentified, traditionally interred graves.” co-hosting Dee BrightStar and new music with Buffy Sainte-Marie. In this week’s rebroadcast of First Voices Indigenous Radio, Tiokasin Ghosthorse (host) has a conversation with Aleticia about the Big Mountain Sustainability and Land Recovery Project (.org)and in the 2nd half a conversation with Keith Janis (Inila Wakan) about the Zeolite and illegal mining happening on his Lakota Nation. (www.firstvoicesindigenousradio.org)

The Sacred Mauna Kea Hui is ever grateful for being able to have the opportunity to historically and continually frame the discourse surrounding our Sacred Mauna so that when the international news media chooses to engage they are armed with the facts of this movement and the goals of SMKH and our supporters.

Free Mauna Kea!

Our latest interview with the wonderful people at Moccasin Tracks​ is another blessing that we are grateful for as we reach beyond Hawaii to our brothers and sisters standing against ethnocide and subjugation all over the world. WE ARE ALL MAUNA KEA.


The Moccasin Track 6/16/15 (1:15:30-1:50:23) episode can be streamed at this link here:

via http://wruv.org/schedule/tuesday

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