Mahalo to Lori Halemano……..

BLNR is planning to start-up the TMT contested case hearings without holding a public hearing on the matter. This is a kahea to all protectors to submit a request to be part of the contested case hearings. Whether or not BLNR or the Hearing Officer allows others to enter as a party, its uncertain. It will at least demonstrate that they are other members of the public interested other than only the TMT folks who are trying to get in as a party. Further information will be sent out later regarding what is involved with the contested case hearing. You don’t need an attorney. Even if you submit a request now, one can always withdraw later if need to or if not able to participate. However, if a request is not submitted now, it would be very difficult to enter in as a party later.

Requests must be sent by May 31st, send an email as well as a hard copy in mail to addresses on draft letter.

The draft letter is attached. Fill in the yellow highlighted areas and make any other changes to draft deemed necessary. Letter is also copied below.

Aloha Aina

Ku Kiai Mauna

Malama Mauna a Wakea


May 21, 2016

TO: BLNR Chair Suzanne D. Case & Board Members

Department of Land & Natural Resources

1151 Punchbowl Street, Rm. 131

Honolulu, HI 96813

FR: [Name]

[Mailing Address]



RE: Request to be admitted as a party in the contested case hearing for CDUP HA-3568 for the Thirty Meter Telescope in the Mauna Kea Lands, Ka‘ohe, Hamakua District, Island of Hawai‘i, TMK (3) 4-4-015:009

I’m requesting to be admitted as a party to the above contested case hearing pursuant to Hawaii Administrative Rules §13-1-31. This request should be granted because: (1) Requestor has a property interest in the lands of Mauna Kea through the exercise of Native Hawaiian traditional and customary practices; (2) Requestor will be affected by the proposed Thirty Meter Telescope project and has an interest in the proceedings that are clearly distinguishable from the general public; (3) Requestor has a substantial interest in the proceedings; (4) Requestor’s participation will substantially assist the board in its decision making; (5) Requestor’s position is not substantially the same as any existing parties to the proceedings; and (6) Requestor’s participation will add substantially new relevant information and will not make the proceedings inefficient and unmanageable.

Requestor’s specific, substantial interests in the contested case proceedings also consists as follows: [Add facts concerning cultural practices connected to Mauna Kea; participation in hula, education, or civic clubs concerning Mauna Kea; Ku Ki’a’i Mauna, aesthetic, recreational, or environmental interests in protections of Mauna Kea etc. – how would TMT directly impact you? Also, helpful statements (if true) regarding lineal connections and residency. “I am a Native Hawaiian, descended of the native inhabitants of Hawai‘i prior to 1778 and have lived in Hawai‘i for __ years.” And “I conduct traditional and customary practices consisting in [ . . . ].”]

[Printed Name w/ Signature]


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