Constitutional Rights DEPRIVED!!! TMT Contested Case maintains INJUSTICE 

The shocking decision Amano declared, that she was not able to provide PROOF of jurisdiction, is followed by an even MORE outrageous order dictating  and demanding that although officer Amano, UNDER OATH OF OFFICE, ADMITS SHE CANNOT PROVIDE PROOF OF TITLE NOR DELEGATION OF AUTHORITY. Namely in response to Kamahana’s former motion, accepted into record and denied based on Amano’s innability to provide the relief requested… namely uphold common law and the constitutionally mandated amendment IV: provide proof of jurisdiction.

Common Law and Constitutional Law supercede the modified State statute stipulating that this right to demand jurisdiction can only be exercised in a civil court DIRECTLY VIOLATING  THE CONSTITUTION OF AMERICA.

What kind of entity and hearing is this where a sworn officer like Amano is allowed to blatantly, fraudulantly, falsely and illegaly claim that State statute somehow supercedes both Common Law and the U.S. Constitution (SINCE WHEN?), depriving explicitly and knowingly the absolute law of the American Nation guarenteed to all: THE U.S. CONSTITUTION.

Worse yet, hearings officer Amano deprives an additional constitutionally mandated protection “DUE-PROCESS” once again, by forcing and prematurely rushing the hearing and setting its commencement date for 10/11 BEFORE formal judgements on the Quo Warranto motion (and others) have been made available and uploaded, EFFECTIVELY OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE by depriving all parties rights to reconsider judgements or add to the justifiable and germane issue of PROOF of jurisdiction.

Amano further declared that no motion for reconsideration of a judgement can be made without the official printed statement digitally uploaded to the DLNR documents library

AND YET AMANO SIMULTANEOUSLY, WHILE DICTATING THIS CONTESTED CASE PROCESS, BLATANTLY AND PURPOSELY fails to provide the SAID DOCUMENT UPLOADin effect  ARROGANTLY  and illegally accomodating the TMT and permit applicant a feasible, manifest, and illegal advantage- stark evidence of a predetermined outcome.
Amano serves further injustice as she deprives constitutionally protected Demand for Jurisdiction by ordering that GERMANE AND ALL PERTINENT JURISDICTION ISSUES BE BANNED FROM THE HEARING?



First AMANO admits she cannot provide proof of jurisdiction.

Then AMANO claims SHE has already settled this most important question.

And then AMANO declares that this most-important of constitutionally-protected rights Issue NOT BE ALLOWED IN THE HEARING:

“The following issues will not be addressed in this contested case hearing inasmuch as: 

(1) they are not germane to the above-identified issues relating to this contested case hearing; and 

(2) the Hearing Officer has already been found to have subject matter jurisdiction to conduct the contested case hearing, as authorized by the Board; see, Minute Order 14 Denying Dwight J. Vicente’s Motion to Disqualify Judge Riki Mae [sic] Amano (Ret.); State of Hawaii Lack of Jurisdiction to Hear This Contested Case Hearing [Doc. 124], citing the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Hawaii v. Office of Hawaiian Affairs, 556 U.S. 163 (2009):

 The sovereignty of the Kingdom of Hawai’i or any other issues relating to the purported existence of the Kingdom of Hawai’i;
 Challenges to the legal status of the State of Hawai’i; and
 Challenges to the State’s ownership of and title to the lands related to this contested case hearing.”

 (Minute Order 19)

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2 responses to “Constitutional Rights DEPRIVED!!! TMT Contested Case maintains INJUSTICE 

  1. Thank you for keeping me posted! I have just concluded my 5th Maine presentation this year on the subject “Why did Kennebec Valley Mainers conspire to overthrow the queen of Hawai’i?” Even politically educated people here are unaware of the circumstances about which i speak, and the great Na Maka video “We Are Who We Were” that speaks from voices of the aina to the subject matter. I pursue educating people here despite the odds. Solidarity, Jon Olsen

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