Kahookahi Kanuha: Olelo Hawaii, a legal language under “State” Law ENTERS THE CASE


Pehea ka Olelo Hawaii?

And what of the Hawaiian Language?

Hawaiian language is a language protected under Hawaii State law as an official language.

Yesterday, party to the TMT contested case, Kahookahi Kanuha entered motions and requests in the Hawaiian language.

This appears to be the very first time Hawaiian language has been exclusively used in this contested case hearing.

Kahookahi Kanuha was wrongfully arrested while protecting sacred Mauna Kea. Kanuha was acquitted after a trial that was conducted in Hawaiian.

The following  3 documents were served electronically to parties yesterday, click on the pictures to enlarge:

Palapala Papa Inoa Hōʻike Paʻa (Witness List):


Palapala Hoʻokahua Hoʻokolokolo Kūʻē Hihia (Pre Hearing Statement):



He Noi No Ka Hōʻano Hou ʻAna I Ka Palapala Hoʻokaʻaʻike (Request to update contact info for the Certificate of Service):


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