BLIND JUSTICE (Clifford Kapono)

Clifford Kapono shares his thoughts from Facebook, regarding the refusal to allow Professor Williamson Chang, Esq testify at the Contested Hearing for Permit of the Thirty Meter Telescope today:

Today in Hilo, the TMT Contested Case Hearing Officer Judge Riki May Amano denied Professor Williamson Chang, Esq from testifying as an expert witness on behalf of all native Hawaiians seeking resolution through the cryptic contested case process for the Conservation Use District Application (CDUA) for the highly controversial Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) at the Mauna Kea Science Reserve. Those brining complaint before Judge Amano unanimously concurred that Professor Chang should represent those protesting the egregious proposed construction of the TMT on Mauna Kea. Lanny Sinkin, Esq made an eloquent plea founded on judicial review and statutory precedent which was also surprisingly denied.

What Judge Amano did allow was Professor Changʻs written testimony as a matter of record by conveniently and maliciously denying US Constitutional Rights for those in opposition to the CDUA. What is alleged is the complainants right to freedom of religion as expressed by Hawaiians, procedural due process, freedom of speech in language, articulation of philosophy, cultural academia, taking of private property for public use without compensation and the right to assemble has been denied in clear violation of the First, Fourth, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments of the US Constitution.

This sham of justice perpetrated under the guise of democracy is the unfortunate continuum of the US Justice System as interpreted by those in Hawaii pretending to administer the benefits of the US Constitution. How pathetically sad and miserably unfortunate it was for native Hawaiians today, January 23, 2017 a day of infamy.

jus sayʻn ©

Source: Clifford Kapono FB

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